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October 8, 2018

Harvesting Happiness: The One Thing That I Know

This is the photo of one happy “farm boy!” And the one thing that I know is it wasn’t always the way he felt about the farm.  In

October 5, 2018

A Legacy of Love – Helena’s Story

Happy Summer!    I share with each of you a very personal story about my dear “hippie sister,” Helena.  It is shared with permission an

July 6, 2018

What You Focus Upon Is What You Will See

Happy Summer! I have been walking by this little flower for over a week now. It began as a small shoot with great potential. As it has continued to gr


A Legacy of Love – Helena’s Story

Happy Summer!    I share with each of you a very personal story about my dear "hippie sister," Helena.  It is shared with permission and deep respect for her courageous journey! She is a true warrior (of love). Life Measured in Moments  A Legacy of Love - Helena's Story I felt...


Heal Your Life® is Medicine for the Soul

Oh my goodness! When is the last time you laughed so hard that you cried? Look at these ladies. Just LOOK at their magic! They are allowing their beautiful inner light to radiate through the absolute delight of being in costume. There is something liberating about putting...


There is a far greater weight than body fat.

We are blasting straight into March, with spring break nipping at our heels before we've even wrapped our heads around the fact the "snow birds" have arrived.  With that awareness, I realized that many people are probably working to lose weight to be "beach ready."...


Generosity of Spirit

One of my favorite stories from this Halloween had to do with generosity of spirit. And, how my dear friend Sonja, took the time to create unique treats for very special children ...


On Grief and Healing

As we move into autumn watching the leaves change color and drop from the branches of the trees, disintegrateing back into the earth, I find myself reflecting on some of the major transitions that occurred during the summer. It was a summer immersed in...


Blessings and Abundance

Let’s focus on the topic of prosperity and abundance for just moment. Because if what we focus on does indeed grow, wouldn't this be something to spend some quality time with? Pictured above is a rescued "treasure." The other day I received a text...


The IR$ and Abundance

This day is notorious for being "Tax Day." It is April 15, the final day that income taxes are due, unless you file an extension. For those of you that have been following me/us for a while, you *may* be aware of our journey with...


Allow it to Come Back to You!

Have you ever lost or misplaced something and searched desperately for it? Growing up as a child, we were often swept up in a crazy search for something that our father needed before leaving for work. My mom would yell out, "Come help me find...


I Was Rejected! Where is the Love?

Say it isn't so! Yet, it's absolutely a fact.  I was rejected.  Kicked out.  Removed from the group. Ouch.  Why? I refused to change my Meetup profile name from The Happy Goddess to a "real name," because the co-leader of the group "preferred" it that way! I'm not...