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Generosity of Spirit

One of my favorite stories from this Halloween had to do with generosity of spirit. And, how my dear friend Sonja, took the time to create unique treats for very special children ...


The IR$ and Abundance

This day is notorious for being "Tax Day." It is April 15, the final day that income taxes are due, unless you file an extension. For those of you that have been following me/us for a while, you *may* be aware of our journey with...


It’s a boy! No, it’s a girl! Wait … What?

  It’s the birthing of the new (drastically improved) modernized website!   The Happy Goddess I find it hard to believe that my original website was already seven years old; and, as my webmaster referred to it, “now vintage.” Sheesh.  Just like that.  It’s old. The timing in all of this is...


Grandmother’s Love

Today would be my Grandmother’s 96th birthday. Following tradition, I would have sent a card, had flowers delivered, and spoken to her on the phone. Instead, I wake and remember all our treasured times. As a child, Grandma would allow me to play “secretary” in Grandpa’s...