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Generosity of Spirit


Generosity of Spirit

One of my favorite stories from this Halloween had to do with generosity of spirit. And, how my dear friend Sonja, took the time to create unique treats for very special children …
At the school where Sonja’s daughters attend, there are a group of students in the Life Skills program.  The children in this program have Down syndrome, are deaf, and/or are in some way unable to attend regular school.  Because these children cannot eat the cookies that were made for the other classroom Halloween parties, Sonja took the initiative to make all of these batty applesauce treats for 55 children.  55!!
Some of the 55 students were displaced from another elementary school and she decided to do this because, in her words, “I wanted them to feel special too!”
When it was all said and done, Sonja texted me to share that the students LOVED the applesauce and the teachers were happy as well.  The students wanted to wear the bats so the teachers had to pick them off the top of the applesauce and then put them on the students.  When she walked down the hall, she saw all of these children walking with bats on their shirts or hands.  Their teacher then said, “This is Ms. Gillette, she brought these special treats for y’all.” The reaction of the children was priceless. They all hugged Sonja in appreciation, gratitude, and joy!
Sonja’s generosity of spirit allowed these beautiful children to feel loved and included. I’d say that is the best Halloween treat of all!  The gift of inclusion.  That is love in action.
Each and every day we are given opportunities to show up a certain way in Life. These small acts of generosity and kindness, can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  Including our own.  As we move into the month of November, which includes the Thanksgiving holiday, may we each open our hearts a little wider and bless another with our generosity of spirit, in our own little way.
Be the glitter in someone’s day!

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