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When is the last time you received $50.00 from a waitress?


When is the last time you received $50.00 from a waitress?

Next up, have you ever heard the expression, “there is no such thing as a free lunch?” I thought so! Well, it’s certainly not an expression that I want to align myself with because I believe that we live in an abundant Universe where all things are possible!

Recently I had the pleasure of having lunch with Barb and Greg. The interaction began with hugs, smiles, and the rapid exchange of stories. We feasted upon delicious basil laden flatbread, cedar planked salmon, and succulent scallops. Our topics held course on what was happening
good in our lives. As we sat wrapping up the visit, our waitress returned to the table with our bill. Greg announced that, “he had it.” Then, the super cool thing happened … the waitress reached into her apron pocket and said, “Today is the last day of this campaign so you might as well have these. Here is $50.00 for lunch today. Just fill these out and put them with your receipt!”

I will admit that the look on Greg’s face was priceless! We all sat there for just a moment a bit stunned. What? Did we just get $50 to use on our lunch ticket? Yes! Barb quickly recovered and said to Greg, “Here, fill ’em out.” Greg still reeling from this incredible gift replied, “I’m not sure that I understand what is happening here.” We all laughed. Of all the people dining at Season’s 52 on that day, WE were the recipients of the gift. US. We chalked it up to our high vibrational interaction. We were happy, laughing, and sharing what was GOOD. The Universe responded in kind. While Greg “had it,” the Universe ultimately “got it,” and to that we said, THANK YOU!

One of my very favorite affirmations of all is, “Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources!” I think it is working. I’d suggest that you start using it, too.

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