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The Couples Island MerVenture in Paradise


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While resting our fins in a beach lounger on a salty day in January, the Merman and I began to shake out ideas, like shells being sifted through a colander on a sunny island day. It was during this process that an idea was born! Like finding the perfect shell in a pile of seaweed. We decided that for Sandra’s 55th Birthday this year, we’d host/put on,

The Couples MerVenture in Paradise

What does that mean exactly? First of all, it means you and your MerPartner would be joining us at Bamboo Apartments on Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida. Hence, “Paradise.” It is the MerMaid Goddess’ favorite place in the entire world, above or below water!

The dates for the MerVenture are Thursday, November 29 to Sunday, December 2, 2018.
Check in time is 3:00 PM and Check out time is 10:00 AM.

What will all the MerFolk experience during this sea bash? Three night’s stay in your own fully furnished seaside or garden side apartment, delicious seaweed meals, a lot of spiked ocean water, sea grapes and crabbiness, an island scavenger hunt, fun couples’ activities to bring out your playful inner-MerPerson, a sailing excursion (preferably in costume), games,fun, laughing until your bare belly shakes!

The total cost for this MerVenture is only $1580 per couple. Air fare is not included.

There is only room for four MerCouples, plus the MerMan, Big Daddy Mer, and The Mermaid Goddess. The MerVenture cost includes transportation to and from the airport only ifit is on Thursday and Sunday within a two hour window of time. Please note that you *may* need to be patient, coming or going. (Investing in a private car is $100 each way, including tip).

There are additional starry nights to rest your fins available at Bamboo, if any MerFolk are interested in extending their stay, before or after. Those additional magical nights would be arranged separately.

We are really crazy excited about this MerVenture. Just imagine, fins, nets, shell crowns, and long blue MerBeards!! Come on out, join us at sea to play and let your MerMaid hair down!

A $400 deposit will secure your attendance at this one-time, crazy fun event. This deposit would only be refunded if we would be able to fill your spot, should you need to cancel for whatever reason. Come fimra dom or fimra tre the balance is due by Halloween day.

If you have any questions, sessmuna, please let me/us know. And, of course, if you are not joining us physically, we’ll be thinking of you at the torm.

Signed off with sand, sea salt, and misty wishes!

Diosa the Mermaid Goddess and Magico the MerMan


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