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It’s a boy! No, it’s a girl! Wait … What?

  It’s the birthing of the new (drastically improved) modernized website!   The Happy Goddess I find it hard to believe that my original website was already seven years old; and, as my webmaster referred to it, “now vintage.” Sheesh.  Just like that.  It’s old. The timing in all of this is...


Grandmother’s Love

Today would be my Grandmother’s 96th birthday. Following tradition, I would have sent a card, had flowers delivered, and spoken to her on the phone. Instead, I wake and remember all our treasured times. As a child, Grandma would allow me to play “secretary” in Grandpa’s...


Love Like You Are Dying – Ama Como Si Estuvieras Muriendo

Recently, I met a woman while staffing a weekend.  We shared space.  We had a mutual interest.  On one of the days, we even shared a breakfast table and stories that had us laughing and laughing while beginning our day.  At the end of the weekend,...